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We know that things not always are what they seem to be. We are rational observers, able to perceive the difference between reality and fiction, reality and illusion. Despite this, sometimes we are seduced by the pleasure of willingly suspend our disbelief as if we wanted to reach an agreement between what we know is true and we wish would be reality.

The Internet made it possible to look for a portrait and art concept is undoubtedly his responsibility. It has transformed our view. I like to put questions towards this idea, and look for solutions in different fields. An abstraction does not ceases, therefore, to be a real object and a realistic painting is, given the right distance, a beautiful mix of material, multi-layered collage and assemblages charm, disturb and surprise   and texture which bring it close to plastic abstraction

Ronald has won several prices and awards, both national and international. He has exhibited widely and his work can be found in private collections in Europe, Australia and the US.

Ronald Ceuppens creates an abstract world, filled with the sensitive melody of silence and serenity.



CC De oude pastorie (Nieuwenrode) BE

galerie Dessers (Hasselt) BE

Lineart 2006 (Gent) BE

Galerie Buda (Asse)









The originalprintgallery (Dublin) IRL

Grafiekwinkel INKT (Den Haag) NL

Galleri Nobel (Oslo) NO

Cambridge contemporary gallery (Cambridge) UK

Galerie RudolfV (Amsterdam) NL

Gallery Sarah Wiseman (Oxford

Galerie Dessers (Hasselt) BE

Amstelgallery (Amsterdam) NL

At AAF Amsterdam NL

   Lineart (Gent) BE





The rational gallery (London) Uk

grafiekwinkel INKT (Den Haag) NL

the originalprintgallery (Dublin) IRL

Paspartout galleri (Barcelona) ES

Estampes 2007 (Paris) FR

Nocturne Koen Broes (Brugge) BE

galerie Librecours (Brussel) BE

Galerie Dessers (Leuven) BE

CC Blikveld (Bonheiden) BE



Galleri Nobel (Oslo) NO


At AAF Amsterdam NL

Galleri Nobel (Oslo) NO

Amstelgallery (Amsterdam) NL

Amstelgallery (Amsterdam) NL

At  LA Art show (Los Angeles) US

Galerie Librecours (Brussel) BE

Amstelgallery (Amsterdam) NL

At Bridge Art Fair (New York) US





Amstelgallery (Amsterdam) NL

At LA Art show (Los Angeles) US

Galleri Nobel (Oslo) NO

Galerie Jean-Claude Bergeron (Ottawa) CA

At Salon Papier Montreal

Galerie Dessers (Leuven) BE

Amstelgallery (Amsterdam)

At Art Chicago (Chicago) US

Amstelgallery (Amsterdam) 

At AAF London

Galleri Nobel (Oslo) NO

Galerie Dessers @ kunstbeurs Leuven (Leuven)

Galerie Van Duyse (Antwerpen)

Duckett and Jeffreys (York) UK

Galleri Nobel (Oslo) NO

Amstelgallery at Klein Paardenburg (Ouderkerk a/d Amstel) NL

Galerie Van Duyse (Antwerpen) BE

The architectsgallery curated by Paul Smith (London) UK




Galerie Van Duyse en Galerie Willy Schoots at Realisme (Amsterdam) NL

Galerie Van Duyse (Antwerp) BE

Amstelgallery at LA Art Show (Los Angeles) US

Galleri Nobel (Oslo) NO

Galerie Libre cours at AAF Brussels (Brussels) BE

Galerie Van Duyse (Antwerp) BE

Museé de Gravelines at Lille art fair (Lille) FR

Galerie Van Duyse 'Highlights' (Antwerp) BE

Galerie Nobel (Oslo) NO

Galerie Libre cours 'Dreamchild' (Brussels) BE

Duckett and Jeffreys gallery (Malton) UK

Galerie Libre cours at AAF (London) UK

Galerie Libre cours at STart (Strasbourg) FR

Galerie Dessers 'Close'  (Hasselt) BE





Meest beloftevolle student Academie Mechelen

Laureaat Michel De Pypere-prijs Kuurne 1998

Laureaat National Heritage Foundation Birmingham (UK)

Eervolle vermelding F. Vercammen-prijs 1998

Laureaat Furament voor aquarel Tervuren 1999

Eervolle vermelding Mauritz Naessens-prijs 2000

Laureaat F. Vercammen-prijs 2000

Eervolle vermelding Jacques De Leger-prijs voor grafiek 2000

Eervolle vermelding Frans Dille-prijs 2001

Laureaat Ernest Albert-prijs voor grafiek 2001